Friday, July 13, 2007

sports is the biggest tearjerker of'em all

I'm a baseball fan, but I am by no means an expert and God knows I don't know every player on every team in major league baseball (I'm a local kind of gal. I love my Cardinals and try to pay as much attention to them as I can, and if I happen to pick up a thing or two from around the league, well...all the better. Sidenote: fantasy baseball will force you to really take it all in and make you appreciate individual players' performances even more) . I'm just sittin here watching the All-Star game that I DVRed a few days ago, and I actually found myself teary-eyed...before the game even started. Willie Mays, a San Francisco legend that, I'll be honest, have never heard of until a few minutes ago, threw out the first pitch to Jose Reyes. It wasn't the part where Reyes got up and rushed over to Mays to get the ball signed that got to me, it was, of course, the overly emotional music that filled the background while Mays rode around the stadium in that pink convertable (I just realized how sad this sounds. I sound like a mindless idiot...being the man...hmmm...). What is it about sports tributes and that Godforsaken, heartwrenching orchestrated music that tugs at our hearts? Honestly, sports is emotional enough as it is, especially when you're personally invested in it (and by personally invested, I mean your Cards are just one game, nay! one inning away from goin' to the world series, with the bases loaded and Carlos Khara Beltran up to bat at the bottom of the ninth. Or even the Rams are in double overtime during the playoffs and they get knocked out because of a lousy fieldgoal that crushes your spirit like a young child realizing santa's not real). To be fair, they play the same damn music at the Oscars when they go through the tributes to those who've passed over the year, but they don't need it in sports. I mean, there's more than enough emotional crap to deal with...the excitement, anxiety, and occasional despair. Yay! National League just scored first. Although it sucks that there aren't any Cards players starting, Tony's a coachin' and I believe he's long overdue for a win. And don't worry, there won't be anymore moments of weakness for me in this game. I've got nothing personal invested in it, so for once I can enjoy a game while being disconnected, detached. But still, when emotions are running high and you need to just let it out...well, who says there's no crying in baseball?!?

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