Sunday, July 8, 2007


Yesterday I was at my cousin's house where we watched, oh, God knows how many "Sex and the City" episodes before I decided to call it a night. Of course, before I left, we had to have the usual "Big vs. Aidan" debate in terms of who Carrie should've ended up with (she, crazy as she is, was all for Big while I passionately opted for Aidan, who on the show personified perfection). First, let me say that I wish people were as passionate about the upcoming elections, the crisis in Darfur, or the hell-on-earth raging in Palestine, which includes human rights violations, occupation, and now the political upheaval. (Although these are extremely important issues, I'm allowing my short-attention span to stray from the topic at hand...) As important as these issues are, "Sex and the City" popped up again in a conversation, this time at work. This morning I came in and, while chatting with my co-worker, came across the news online that a "Sex and the City" movie is in the makes (what the movie will feature that the show hasn't covered in its captivating six seasons is beyond me). Somehow the "Big vs. Aidan" showdown began...again, only this time my co-worker, surprisingly expressing more passion than even me on the topic, enthusiastically agreed with my take on Aidan being "the One." Eventually we calmed down and returned to our separate tasks, but that got me thinking... why do we care so much? Neither of us have anything invested in it, and yet we act as if a great injustice has been done to us because Carrie ended up with a guy who repeatedly mistreated her and broke her heart time and time again throughout the series. Maybe it's just frustrating to watch people, even fictional characters, make obvious and avoidable mistakes. Or maybe we, as two singles, were just outraged that she took this amazing guy for granted not once, but twice. Since when do T.V plots replace our own plots? Are we living through these characters, or does this form of entertainment, this escapism, make reality all the harsher when we return? When we return to being two single gals in a world where, unfortunately, Darfur, Palestine, Iraq, hunger, poverty, and the Bush administration are our realities.

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Badia said...

Aidan was SUCH the obvious better choice than Big! Aidan was better looking, funnier, more honest, loyal, and THE ONE! She screwed up big time and I'm sure the movie will show her single again cause we all know Big's just a shortened nickname for "Big Ass hole"